Kumano of a Thousand Gods

Kumano of a Thousand Gods

1. Moon and Immortality 10:18
2. Komoriku; Sacred Vale 9:30
3. Scattering Petals 8:07
4. Kumano of a Thousand Gods 6:57
5. Arboreal Aria 7:17
6. Mt.Tamaki 8:56

Total 51:16

8th Apr. 2000
P case/ including Kazuya Nagaya`s Poetry
Artwork by Kowji Miyabe
Photography by Minoru Ichige

Kumano of a Thousand Gods by Kazuya Nagaya

Ponder death.

The death of beautiful flowers;

The death of lovely butterfly:

And the death of thee.
Kumano is the holy ground of the dead, 

a noble land celebrated by radiant rays and a thousand peaks.
Mountain ascetics likend Yoshino to Vajradhatu, "The Diamond realm,"
and Kumano to Garbhadhatu, "The Womb Realm."

Practitioners of Esoteric Buddhism trace a path between these worlds,
experiencing the illusions of birth and of death.

Chanting the sutras, they come to Kumano; chanting sutras, 
they die at Kumano.
Their bodies are laid to bleach in the fields; 
their souls are expended;
 but the chanting goes on...
Land of immortals, a noble land protected by moonlight and a thousand gods.

The universe sounds out, 
its echo a symphony.

The sound brings joy; 
The sound embodies love.

Then, again, 
all is emptiness

© Copyright Nagaya Kazuya all right reserved.