Skyward the Spirit, Earthbound the Soul

Skyward the Spirit, Earthbound the Soul
1. At Kamikura 6:43
2. Omen 8:03
3. Rainbow Canopy part1 5:34
4. Skyward the Spirit, Earthbound the Soul 9:34
5. Rainbow Canopy part2 4:23
6. Rain, O Supreme Rain 8:31
7. Rainbow Canopy part3 3:01
8. Maitreya 8:41

Total 54:39

7th Jul. 2001
P case/ including Kazuya Nagaya`s Poetry and Essays
Artwork by Kowji Miyabe
Photography by Kazuya Nagaya

by Kazuya Nagaya

In the realm of Buddhist beliefs, Maitreya, the Future Buddha, will visit the earth after 5,670,000,000 years to save all humankind.
From His divine perspective in eternity, Maitreya gazes upon the dreams of man and dreams of time. Maitreya, perhaps, is eternity itself, the object of our dreams.
When Maitreya gazes upon our dreams and we is turn dream of Maitreya, one moment in time is pitted against all eternity.
How miraculous an event this is, like a grain of sand suddenly in equilibrium with the boundless sea.
As humanity, we live within an endless repetition of miraculous moments of such kind, moments each irreplaceable.
Yet the greatest miracle of all is surely life itself.
Our every moment is a miracle being born;
This very instant, now...
And the instants still to come.

Skyward the Spirit, Earthbound the Soul
by Kazuya Nagaya

According to the Chinese principles of Yin and Yang, the human spirit, or soul, is comprised of two complementary aspects: a rational element and a sentient element.
At death, the former is said to rise to heaven as the latter descends to earth.
The spirit is lofty and divine;
The soul is carnal and earthy.
Man is a living organism harboring the two.
"Skyward the Spirit, Earthbound the Soul" is one of my favorite incantations.
If my prayers are answered, when my life expires and dissipates into the void, I hope my spirit will return to heaven and my soul, freed from all shackles, agony and pain, will return to the earth...melting away like a drop of water, like a flake of snow.

"Skyward the Spirit, Earthbound the Soul"
Like a drop of water; Like a flake of snow.

© Copyright Nagaya Kazuya all right reserved.