Secret Rhymes

Secret Rhymes
1. In Blue 2:00
2. Lost for Words 6:54
3. Pray 5:42
4. By the River of Lights~for K. I. 12:03
5. Tama-yura 5:57
6. Weeping Ship 9:56
7. a Rhyme 8:49

Total 51:21

20th Jan. 2003
Additional musicians are Chiaki Imai (Voice) on "Pray", Arico (Piano) on "Weeping Ship" and Jo Alan (Voice) on "Lost for Words".
P case/ including the text by Sayoko Yamaguchi
Artwork by Kowji Miyabe
Photography by Minoru Ichige

Lost for Words by Kazuya Nagaya

When a drop of silence

Ripples the surface of the swelling sea

Will the waters o'erflow?

When it rests on the bed below

Will the earth's skin quiver?
When a drop of silence

Like a lonely prayer

Like an only wish

Is immersed in the waves

Will my tears flow

By the sea at dawn?
My footprints on the sand

Making tracks through gleaming trees

Hair blown back

Lost for words

Silenced by the unreasoning sea

When I come to kneel on the shore

Will the waters o'erflow

Will the tide

At least

Be kind
A single drop of silence

Enters the sea

From utter sadness

A single

© Copyright Nagaya Kazuya all right reserved.