Illuminations / Pluto

Illuminations / Pluto
1. Shaman`s Fingertip 10:02
2. Plateaux Early Spring 7:34
3. Wild Lilies 5:58
4. Tokyo 5:31
5. Rainbow Canopy#4 8:31
6. Utsuho#2 10:34

Total 48:10

10th Jan. 2006
Digipak / including Kazuya Nagaya`s Essay
Artwork by Kowji Miyabe
Photography by unknown, "19th century in Canada"

In "Illuminations / Pluto", the sixth solo album by Kazuya Nagaya, features a beautiful mixture of digitally-processed artificial sound, with deep echos of asian bronze bells and gongs.
"Illuminations / Pluto" was recorded and mixed at his private studio in the high mountains of central Japan, in the summer and the autumn of 2005.

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