Silent Garden

Silent Garden
1. the River in My Thousand Dreams 7:45
2. Realm of the North 8:52
3. Eternal Snow 2:38
4. Silent Garden 3:03
5. Dyonysos in Exile 11:05
6. Isora 5:46
7. Sasurai 6:50

Total 45:59

11th Sep 2010/CD:P case/ambient
Art Work by Kowji Miyabe
Photography by Kazuya Nagaya
All Songs Written and Performed by Kazuya Nagaya

The sounds, they are like snowflakes falling on and cover the silent frozen forest.
Or like a river that runs through our thousand dreams.
The sounds flow like a mirage, then gone to our dreams again.
As quiet as in the silent garden where the snow falls forever.

© Copyright Nagaya Kazuya all right reserved.