ame ambient what is Ame-Ambient

The ambient music produced by ame-ambient is rooted in philosophies and sensibilities unique to Japan.
Both Japanese Buddhism--the likes of Zen--and Japan's exquisite forms of artistic expression, such as India ink paintings and haiku, all put high value on extreme simplicity entirely free from ornamentation, and indeed it is in their simplicity that they express, paradoxically, the profundity of their spirituality.
Haiku, for example, express entire worlds within just 17 syllables; but what they truly aim to convey are vast, silent realms that cannot be described with words.
And it is precisely within those realms of silence, the Japanese have always believed, that profundity of the spirit resides.
In this same sense, the ambient music produced by ame-ambient aims to convey profundity of spirit to the listener by virtue of its very simplicity.

kazuya Nagaya
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